We help exceptional companies scale
We focus on high growth technology sectors.
We have a hands on approach.
We believe that startups greatly benefit from close operational guidance. At IndusAge, we work closely with our portfolio companies to guide them in a variety of areas including business strategy, partnerships and scaling teams.

IndusAge Partners is an enterprise innovation & scale up advisory firm and Venture Fund
with capital, operational & go-to-market expertise to help innovation-led technology firms scale globally.  We strive to provide exceptional entrepreneurs and their teams, Capital, Market Access (through our relationships) & Operational Support to reach their goals.

Current Portfolio of 12 Companies

10 Member Enterprise Development Team

Entrepreneur Testimonials

  • Strategic path clarifying interventions have helped Clairvolex redefine its journey into IP Asset Management and go after global majors in a deeply value accretive way.

    Sandeep Agarwal CEO, Clairvolex
  • Contributing to a shared vision IndusAge helped morphing Air Works, then a 55 year old - $2Mn family run business in India into a Professionally managed $100 Mn+ enterprise with a global business footprint across the Middle East, Europe and the USA in 7 years with stellar investors.

    Vivek Gour CEO, AirWorks
  • Thinking through Unit economics and adding a multi dimensional view has enhanced the commercial possibilities to help drive a significant difference in profitability and valuation.

    C S Rao CEO, Quadgen Wireless
  • Nurturing a start up to focus on its execution and tightening the parameters that we need to deliver on, in the first and each 100 day period, has given us great clarity and allowed us to break into orbits that differentiate us in the marketplace.

    Chirag Jain CEO, GetMyParking



People centric culture fostering engagement, preserves respect for the individual while driving collective throughput. IndusAge helps you run  human resources efficiently in order to provide your organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing your most valuable asset – your employees. 

Strategic Direction

Clarity of purpose and well-articulated and executable mission as well as business model that adapts to the market opportunities and business climate as well as serves as a framework for decision making is paramount. We work with you towards organisational planning and preparedness to ensure strategic direction is well defined towards scale-up. 


Creating an economic moat through effective innovation, differentiation, engineering, service delivery, internal systems and practices to ensure quality at any scale. Our team of technologists works hands-on with you to ensure that your technology, processes & practices are sustainable and help you execute innovation.

Revenue Management

Tight alignment of market, customer, product, sales and support mix is critical for business success. The IndusAge team continually works with you on business research, competition mapping, product-market fit as well as your sales pipeline & customer facing teams towards helping you build a sustainable business. 


Financial rigor and discipline to manage unit economics, profitability and capital efficiency as well as systematic budgeting & planning of financials is critical to asset-light scale up. The IndusAge team continually helps you align your financials with your strategic goals – ensuring tight management of capital, profitability, costs & revenue. 

Information Visibility

A data-driven decision-making culture, planning & review cycle, as well as augmenting key workflows with automation & the effective use of information science synergizes the organization. Our team works with you towards systematization, collaboration, information sharing & key processes to ensure that you can scale efficiently. 


Ensuring accountability & business continuity through effective corporate governance, risk mitigation & management as well as compliance is a fundamental necessity for scale-up. The IndusAge team ensures that Governance, Risk and Compliance aspects of your business are effectively managed; helping you create a risk management framework and ensuring business continuity. 

Step Change

Enabling step change through a dedicated effort towards sequential financing, M&A, new products, customers and markets can fundamentally alter the growth trajectory. The IndusAge team works with your organization towards accelerating your growth by preempting & planning step change efforts.

“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”

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