We help exceptional companies scale
We focus on high growth technology sectors.
We have a hands on approach.
We believe that startups greatly benefit from close operational guidance. At IndusAge, we work closely with our portfolio companies to guide them in a variety of areas including business strategy, partnerships and scaling teams.

We are a technology Venture Capital and Enterprise Advisory Firm focussed on scaling companies building businesses based on disruptive technologies. We strive to provide exceptional entrepreneurs and their teams, Capital, Market Access through our relationships & Operational Support to reach their goals and objectives.

Current Portfolio of 12 Companies

10 Member Enterprise Development Team

$60 Million Funds under management

Entrepreneur Testimonials

  • Strategic path clarifying interventions have helped Clairvolex redefine its journey into IP Asset Management and go after global majors in a deeply value accretive way.
    Sandeep Agarwal CEO, Clairvolex
  • Co-Crafting our growth into Banking & Financial services as well as helping with critical inputs on our contracting model is giving Wooqer a scale opportunity in verticals and horizontals in a differentiated way.
    Vishal Purohit CEO, Wooqer
  • Contributing to a shared vision IndusAge helped morphing Air Works, then a 55 year old - $2Mn family run business in India into a Professionally managed $100 Mn+ enterprise with a global business footprint across the Middle East, Europe and the USA in 7 years with stellar investors.

    Vivek Gour CEO, AirWorks
  • Thinking through Unit economics and adding a multi dimensional view has enhanced the commercial possibilities to help drive a significant difference in profitability and valuation.

    C S Rao CEO, Quadgen Wireless
  • Nurturing a start up to focus on its execution and tightening the parameters that we need to deliver on, in the first and each 100 day period, has given us great clarity and allowed us to break into orbits that differentiate us in the marketplace.

    Chirag Jain CEO, GetMyParking


Strategic Direction

We work towards organisational planning and preparedness to ensure you have a clear picture of the next 3 years and your operating plan is tuned for scale up. We help you seek new businesses, products and geographies and build strategic partnerships to help you skyrocket. 

Revenue Management

Business research, competition mapping, tuning your product offering and ensuring your sales pipeline is continuous while also looking ahead and ensuring you are ahead of your competition on product and pricing; we work with you to create a sales & innovation organisation.


Our ops team helps and advises to ensure product, project and program management are inline with strategic direction while also guaranteeing service delivery & quality as well as adopting best practices to create an environment of execution excellence in your operations. 


IndusAge helps structure your organisation with collaborative teams and policies as well as processes that attract as well as retain the best talent while creating an environment where every person is a stakeholder and adds tangible value towards organisation scale.


From understanding and perfecting your unit economics to pricing strategies and cash flows as well as ensuring you have a steady supply of working capital, the IndusAge team helps you align Financials to your strategic goals. 


Our team of technologists work hands-on to ensure that your technology, both forward facing and within your organisation, is future proofed while creating an innovation organisation and embracing technology that helps you synergise. 

Step Change

Our focus and approach allows for step change with new products, markets, geographies and partnerships and fund raise cycles to be planned exercises and part of your long term operating plan ensuring that growth and pace changes are prepared for and not surprises.  


The IndusAge team works with you to ensure that Governance, Risk and Compliance aspects of your business are programmed into your operations at every level helping organisations create a risk management framework and ensuring business continuity. 

“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”

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