About Us

Building companies. Serious. Fun.

Catalyzing sustainable, meaningful and exceptional enterprises to add value to environmental, societal and economic capital.

Our mission is to nurture and scale exceptional companies with foundational technologies globally.

Technology Fund

The Fund directs its Capital pooled from astute businessmen and financial institutions that represent individual savers’ funds towards building the next generation of enterprises seeking to impact the world with their technology products and platforms.

Our investors seek to make superior returns whilst accelerating changes through pervasive technologies

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Enterprise Innovation Scale-Up Advisory

We advise on Enterprise Innovation & ScaleUp providing a Persistent Outside-In view to our Client enterprises in a Cross-Functional way across our chosen Eight Vectors to drive Sustainable Scale.

Our team works across all vectors of company building and helps drive excellence that tangibly translates to business growth and enterprise value generation

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Our Approach

Executing innovation is accomplished when individuals with varied skill sets come together for the sole purpose of creating non-linear value for our portfolio companies. We work along side our companies with a single minded “company building” & “outside-in” focus across 8 major vectors representing key functional areas of the business. They are:


People centric culture fostering engagement, preserves respect for the individual while driving collective throughput. 

Strategic Direction

Clarity of purpose and well-articulated and executable mission and business model that adapts to the market opportunities and business climate as well as serves as a framework for decision making.


Creating an economic moat through effective innovation, differentiation, engineering, service delivery, internal systems and practices to ensure quality at any scale.

Revenue Management

Tight alignment of market, customer, product, sales and support mix is critical for business success.


Financial rigor and discipline to manage unit economics, profitability and capital efficiency as well as systematic budgeting & planning of financials is critical to asset-light scale up.

Information Visibility

A data-driven decision-making culture, planning & review cycle, as well as augmenting key workflows with automation & the effective use of information science synergizes the organization.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Ensuring accountability & business continuity through effective corporate governance, risk mitigation & management as well as compliance is a fundamental necessity for scale-up.

Step Change

Enabling step change through a dedicated effort towards sequential financing, M&A, new products, customers and markets can fundamentally alter the growth trajectory.

Target Sectors

SemiConductors & Systems
Since the 60s semiconductors is a Darwinian space experiencing evolution at a staggering pace where unimaginable and impossible problems are being solved daily coupled with dramatic reductions in footprints … creating potential for innovation in every space empowered by technology.
Internet of Things
Imagine a scenario where your shirt tells your washing machine it needs a wash and how it ought to be washed while also putting a reminder on your phone. Today’s technology makes this possible. Riding on innovation in semiconductors and communication technology IoT products will have a huge impact on standard of living, disrupting redundancy and embedding automation into our everyday lives.
Financial Technology
While technology has become ubiquitous, financial inclusion remains a global challenge and the potential for technology empowered monetary systems is largely untapped. FinTech can and will make financial inclusion a thing of the past while disrupting global financial ecosystems with new ways of looking at and managing money.
Energy Efficiency
As we ride the quantum shift into a fully digital world, globally, energy insufficiency remains a challenge. Alongside the push for clean sustainable energy is the search for energy efficient solutions to make the digital connected world a sustainable future.
Consumer Internet & Media
The Internet is an enabler and a market of markets, a truly phenomenal and revolutionary technology. We like to work with companies that create new markets and economies and view the Internet as the enabler that it is while using it as a foundation for innovation and harnessing the ability to connect entities in unique ways.
BioTechnology & Health
BioTechnology & Health Tech are the apex of the technology pyramid - convergence lies in empowering people to lead better, fuller, more enriched lives - an idea that any consumer can buy into and is willing to pay for. We invest in companies that are building holistic solutions to healthcare and companies with real, immediately monetizable and tangible potential in biotechnology with a view towards the convergent economy of health and wellness.
Analytics & Software
Ubiquity of consumer as well as enterprise technology is powered not just by the infinitesimally small scale of hardware that makes it increasingly portable but more so by software and what it enables. From software that can boost productivity to analytics engines that will create the next generation of economies and opportunities, we are backing companies producing technologies that add sustainable value at every level.
Aerospace & Transportation
Trekkies know space as the final frontier. A sector that has long been in the realm of government due to heavily protected IP and phenomenal costs, space is now becoming an increasingly accessible industry. Private companies are joining the space race and rapid commercialisation as well as cost efficiency is making space and transportation economies ripe for investment
Advanced Machines & Intelligence
Ever since Asimov imagined the possibilities, milestones in the fields of Robotics and artificial intelligence have been reached like clockwork. The potential of Robotics & AI to enrich our lives and free the human race from the mundane and repetitive while also boosting productivity is undeniable. The next decade will be dominated by the ubiquity of Robotics & AI.

Geographic Focus

We target companies domiciled in the US and India. Our in depth expertise and relationships in these two geographies provide unparalleled value to our portfolio companies.

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