Catalyzing sustainable, meaningful and exceptional enterprises to add value to environmental, societal and economic capital.

Working with IndusAge Partners

Building Companies. Serious. Fun.

At IndusAge Partners we are driven by a unified mission to catalyze over 100 sustainable, meaningful and exceptional companies over the next ten years with clarity and constancy of purpose.


Our approach is that of a co-preneur (not copreneur!), working hands-on with our investee companies and advisory clients to help scale-up their enterprises. As Joseph Schumpeter rightly said, the role of the entrepreneur is “creative destruction” and the changes and “dynamic disequilibrium brought on by the innovating entrepreneur … is the ‘norm’ of a healthy economy.” We believe that entrepreneurship requires non-intrusive but engaging and refined guidance and support and true innovation often dies from a lack of understanding. At IndusAge we build meaningful relationships with a focus on trust and the idea that “they are here for me, to help me, to grow with me” as a foundation to investment as well as advisory.


Our emphasis is on scale-up. We have a 1000 day approach to company building, tried and tested, and look at intensive engagements with the perspective of ensuring that scale-up targets are reached in that period. Our focus is on companies that exhibit monetisation ability and have shown some traction.

Eight Dimensions

At IndusAge, we have formulated our very own theses to company building that looks at optimising organisations along 8 vectors that together, when optimised, ensure a company reaches its maximum potential. We focus our efforts along People, Strategic Direction, Technology, Revenue Management, Financials, Information Visibility, Governance, Risk & Compliance as well as Step Change.

Small teams, big impact.

We believe that the best way to work with startups is to operate at the same intensity as they do with a focus on small teams working closely together.

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