Cloudleaf is an end-to-end cloud solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing complex distributed-asset ecosystems. Cloudleaf’s solutions represent a paradigm shift in enterprise-grade IoT adoption and usage across internal and partner facilities. By reducing IoT deployment from months to days and adoption costs to a tenth of typical IoT system implementations, Cloudleaf is able to deliver immediate and sustained ROI.

Sensor Fabric™ is Cloudleaf’s flagship edge-to-cloud solution. It effortlessly gathers, compiles and analyzes streams of live location and telemetry data from a broad range of diverse enterprise operations across indoor, out-door and in-transit workflows to provide real-time actionable insight. Patented sensors, gateways, location-aware cloud services combine to solve real-world challenges in manufacturing, pharma and auto by helping operations staff securely track, manage and optimize the flow of people, things and processes. Use cases range from simple supply-chain asset monitoring applications to managing complex assemblies, work-cells and works-in-process as they traverse the value-chain.

Cloudleaf is currently collaborating with several Fortune 1000 enterprises and, given the growing awareness of its compelling value-proposition, is positioned for significant cross-industry growth.

IndusAge’s co-investors in CloudLeaf were Mahindra Ventures & Bahwan Group.



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