Vishal NagarOperations Manager

    Vishal is an intensely curious and creative individual who brings unbounded energy to all activities he engages in. He brings over 15 years of operational expertise in event management and entrepreneurship in both the commercial and non-profit sectors.

    He has led several Arts and Heritage organizations in India/US and has been involved in many cross border cultural collaboration projects. He is a consummate artist that has been an ambassador of Indian Culture across US/India from a very young age and has performed with many great musicians all over the world.

    He brings his finely tuned intuitive sense and engaging style along with his commercial business background to IndusAge where he works on operations management of IndusAge US. Furthermore, he is responsible for ensuring seamless and comprehensive communication and periodic updates between IndusAge portfolio companies, LPs and our internal teams on matters related to Fund activities, portfolio companies and pipeline management.

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