Catalyzing sustainable, meaningful and exceptional enterprises to add value to environmental, societal and economic capital.

The IndusAge team comprises of individuals with highly specialised focus and proven leadership in their target sectors who work across our fund management and enterprise advisory business.

Managing Partners

  • Sriram Viswanathan Founding Managing Partner

    Sriram serves as a Founding Managing Partner of IndusAge. A veteran of Silicon Valley Tech as well as one of the founding team members of Intel Capital, Sriram enjoys the challenge of scaling enterprises and working with technologists.

  • Sudhir Rao Founding Managing Partner

    Sudhir is the Founder of IndusAge, and over the last 16 years has built it as an Enterprise ScaleUp Advisory & Investment platform targeting Innovative Technology companies to contribute to sustainable and meaningful purposes.

Enterprise Scale-Up Team

Advisory Board

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